Sarah L. Brokenleg Sarah L. Brokenleg

Additional honors and achievements:
Being picked to present my past research to Dr. Elias Zerhouni , Director of the National Institutes of Health and Kansas Senator Sam Brownback while attending Haskell Indian Nations was a great honor.

How I became interested in my area of study/research/discipline:
I became interested in Social Welfare at an early age watching my mother work in this field. While I saw how hard she worked, I also saw the difference she made in her clients’ lives and the personal rewards she reaped from her work.

An honor, achievement or accomplishment is most meaningful to me:
Being nominated and then picked as a Morris K.Udall scholar this past year has been a most meaningful accomplishment for me because it has, in a sense, validated all my hard work. I cannot stress how much I appreciate being picked as a scholar not only because of my academic achievements but also because of my dreams and goals for my future. I know that I can make a difference in my community and it is special that I have been recognized for that.

Someone I admire:
I admire Dr. Alice Lieberman for her dedication to her field, her effortless ability to be approachable and helpful to students, and her work with Indigenous populations. She truly epitomizes what it means to be a social worker.

Someone who has been influential or had a significant impact on my life:
Ann Foster, coordinator for the University of Kansas/ Haskell Indian Nations University Bridge and RISE programs had a tremendous impact on my decision to transfer to KU. Her support at Haskell and continued support at KU has helped me immensely. She is a major part of why I am here and why I am succeeding in the work that I do.

Most favorite/least favorite memory as a student:
My first memory of KU that most stands out is the day that I walked in to my first 500 -student lecture after transferring from Haskell Indian Nations University. Without the support from the Bridge Program, and my past work at KU with Dr. Georg in her lab, I would have been completely unprepared for such a class size and certainly frightened to death to attend such a large class.

An important life lesson I have learned:
Always follow your dreams, even if that means taking two steps back to take one step forward in the right direction.

A favorite quote or saying:
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
– Gandhi

This should be every social worker’s mantra. We must be the change we wish to see whether it be through activism or active policymaking.

My hopes for the world:
I pray to Tunkashila, grandfather, that one day everyone and anyone who is in need of healthcare receives it regardless of his or her race, nationality or socio-economic background. I pray that drug companies begin to make their drugs available to anyone who can benefit from their use without having to pay. I also pray every day for the world to one day see peace.