Santos Nuñez, M.S.

Santos Nuñez, M.S.

Are there honors/achievements/special recognition you would like to list that are not included above?

  • Increasing the number of visits to the Multicultural Resource Center from 415 in 2000 to 7312 in 2004
  • Mentoring Latino college students
  • Earned first degree black belt in American Karate
  • What led you to your area of study/field of interest?
    I always enjoyed teaching and can remember teaching English to the neighborhood kids. In college I was involved in several cultural organizations and discovered my activist and advocate side. I have combined my love for teaching with my desire to advocate for college students and my passion for cultural education. This has led me to my current work with college students. Working with college students is one of the most demanding professions but is also the most rewarding.

    What honor, achievement or accomplishment is most meaningful to you? Why?
    I consider it a great honor that I have been able to work with many students and student organizations on the new Multicultural Resource Center; these students have so much passion, energy and enthusiasm! It is exciting to see them working on projects that will better their community and will serve future generations of students.

    Who has been influential or had a significant impact on your life? Please elaborate. (Please include individuals at KU as appropriate.)
    My parents taught me to have a strong work ethic as well as tenacity. They taught me that it is important to serve the people. The stories of my grandparents and great grandparents surviving drought, revolution and other hardships while serving their respective communities taught me that nothing is easy, and success comes to those who work hard and work for the people.

    There are many individuals at KU who have provided guidance, support and constructive criticism. I am very grateful to all of my colleagues, mentors and instructors who have helped me to achieve my goals.

    Why do you believe it is important to recognize women for their accomplishments?
    Women have been a vital piece of every social justice movement, without accounting for women and womenís accomplishments; you can not have a complete understanding of culture or community.

    What is a most favorite/least favorite memory as a student?
    My favorite memory from college is when I hosted Cesar Chavez when he spoke to our campus. We took him to dinner, and as we began eating, his water glass was empty. I tried to get the attention of our waiter when Mr. Chavez got up and took the water pitcher and poured water for all of us at our table. When I said, "Mr. Chavez, we could have gotten you water." He simply replied, "Miíja to be good leaders we have to serve the people first before we serve ourselves." I have remembered this incident and have tried to follow his example of leadership.

    What is your definition of success?
    My definition of success comes from what Gloria Estefan once said after receiving a Grammy award, "Todos podemos salir adelante pero no debemos olvidar quienes somos y de donde venimos."

    "We can be successful, but we must not forget who we are and where we came from."