Marge Heard Franklin

Marge Heard Franklin

Are there honors/achievements/special recognition you would like to list that are not included above?

  • SWE Recognition, 2003
  • First woman chairman of the Solid Waste Processing Division, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Member, KU Engineering School Advisory Board, Past Chairman
  • What led you to your area of study/field of interest?
    Interest in science at a young age.

    What honor, achievement or accomplishment is most meaningful to you? Why?
    Keeping a small consulting firm going for 30 years.

    Who has been influential or had a significant impact on your life? Please elaborate. (Please include individuals at KU as appropriate.)
    My husband and business partner

    My parents, who encouraged (and financed) my interest in a non-traditional field.

    Why do you believe it is important to recognize women for their accomplishments?
    Young women need role models, especially for non-traditional fields.

    What is a most favorite/least favorite memory as a student?
    Favorite: Sigma Tau (now Tau Beta Pi) members electing me the first woman initiated into a national engineering society (about 1955).

    Least favorite: sleep deprivation

    What is your definition of success?
    First: having people you love in your life. Second: working in a field you love – one that can make a difference.

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