Destiny LeyAnn Frankenstein

Destiny LeyAnn Frankenstein

Are there honors/achievements/special recognition you would like to list that are not included above?

What led you to your area of study/field of interest?
I was introduced to psychology by a teacher in high school, and it was challenging, but interesting. I started reading about it, and I decided that I would really like to do it on a regular basis. I would like to have a job that doesn't feel like a job every morning when I get up to do it. It also helps that I have had great professors at KU that have helped me to stay interested and challenged me to do great in my classes.

What honor, achievement or accomplishment is most meaningful to you? Why?
Being voted captain of the softball team by my teammates means so much to me. I think it shows that they really believe in me and my leadership skills. I am honored that they think I can do the job on and off the field and in the classroom. Being a captain is the most amazing position I have ever been put into, pushing people and constantly being pushed. My teammates have given me the most honored feeling I have ever felt by putting me in that kind of position.

Who has been influential or had a significant impact on your life? Please elaborate. (Please include individuals at KU as appropriate.)
The biggest influence in my life has been my father. He is the most important person in my life to this day. Coach Christi Musser, an assistant on the softball team has also had an impact on my life because she is really great to talk to, and she understands the pressures of school and life. She never really decides anything for you, but she is great at pointing you in the right direction. She lets you learn for yourself but is also there when you need a hand getting back up from falling down.

Why do you believe it is important to recognize women for their accomplishments?
Women's accomplishments are important to recognize because women work hard, and they should get some recognition. Whenever anyone works diligently and does a great job, they should be given the attention they deserve.

What is a most favorite/least favorite memory as a student?
When I was still in the dorms, my roommate (Nettie Fierros) and I were studying for some tests, and we heard some weird noises coming from outside. When we opened the door, two of our teammates from across the hall had duck-taped our door so that all we could see was a huge wall of gray duck tape. It was the perfect break we needed from studying.

What is your definition of success?
My definition of success is getting up one more time than you fall down. Making a few mistakes along the way is all right as long as you learn from them and become a better and stronger person from it. No one is perfect, and everyone will encounter adversity. However, it is how you handle that which is in front of you that makes you successful-even if it is only small successes.

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