Kathryn Nemeth Tuttle, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Provost for Student Success
Developed KU Freshman-Sophomore Advising Center
Created Orientation Seminar (PRE 101) that improves students’ retention and graduation rates
NASPA Dissertation of the Year Award for important research on history of women administrators in higher education
Teach and promote history of KU, focusing on KU women students, faculty, and staff.
Named to KU Women’s Hall of Fame

Other Achievements or Honors

In addition to my professional and academic work, I am the proud parent of a son, who is a recent KU graduate, three step-children, all KU graduates, and three grandchildren. My husband, Bill Tuttle, is a Professor of American Studies at KU, and we share a wonderful life together.

What led you to your area of study/field of interest?

I have always been interested in education and in working in an environment that supports learning. Working with college students is inspiring—their energy, willingness to change and evolve, and desire to improve their communities, the country, and the world are constant reminders to me about what is important. I have had a life-long interest in history and am committed to understanding and sharing the stories and lives of those who have gone before us. I am particularly interested in the roles that women have played in advancing opportunities for all of us.

What honor, achievement or accomplishment is most meaningful to you? Why?

I think it is the combination of doing meaningful work in the world that I hope is making a difference for others and creating a family life that is warm, supportive, and loving.

Who has been influential or had a significant impact on your life?

I grew up with a strong and loving mother who somehow managed to raise seven children who all graduated from college, despite having an extremely modest income. She was a feminist before her time and always encouraged us to be independent and smart. My five sisters have been role models and friends – in work and with their families. At KU, Kathleen McCluskey-Fawcett demonstrates inspiring and warm leadership. Remaining human in a large institution is surprisingly challenging, and she does it every day.

Why do you believe it is important to recognize women for their accomplishments?

Women still receive subtle and not-so-subtle messages every day that they are “not quite good enough.” The problem is that some of us start to believe it. Recognition of accomplishments reminds us that we are good enough, strong enough, and smart enough to accomplishment great things.

What is a most favorite/least favorite memory as a student?

I don’t have one single student to highlight, but want to recognize whole groups of outstanding KU students that I have gotten to know through their work as student assistants, Orientation Assistants, Peer Advisors, Peer Educators and Student Senate leaders in Admissions, New Student Orientation, the Freshman-Sophomore Advising Center, Thematic Learning Communities, the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Success, and other Student Success departments. Student staff are crucial to KU and they make an incredible difference for all of us. Their impact as mentors to their fellow students is vital and working with them has been a true pleasure.



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