Talia T. Martin

Junior, Chemistry
Bureau of Indian Affairs Scholarship
Thomas M. and Elva Ottman Bowlus Scholarship
KU Bioscience Initiative Program: research in pharmaceutical chemistry
Associate of Science degree in Natural Sciences received at Haskell Indian Nations University

What led you to your area of study/field of interest?

I attended numerous science classes while enrolled at Haskell Indian Nations University. Chemistry was the only one I was really interested in. Through the BRIDGE program, I became involved in undergraduate research at the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Laboratory. Under the supervision of Dr. Russell Middaugh and with the help of my mentor, Jason Rexroad, I was educated in the techniques and importance of pharmaceutical research. It was then that I became interested in pursuing a career in pharmaceutical research.

What honor, achievement or accomplishment is most meaningful to you? Why?

I am proud to receive the Bureau of Indian Affairs Scholarship to fund my education. To me, it means I am recognized by my tribe, The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes of Fort Hall, Idaho, and other members of various Native American Tribes. While attending KU, I am able to represent my people as well as other Native Americans.

Who has been influential or had a significant impact on your life?

My mom, brothers and sister will always be my first priority. Through their own talents and struggles they have inspired me to pursue my own dreams. We have overcome many obstacles as a family. These obstacles have enabled me to become stronger and appreciative of all my good fortune.

My mentor, Jason Rexroad, has also influenced me in my academics and research. He has always provided me with challenges that help me understand the importance of our work in the lab.

Why do you believe it is important to recognize women for their accomplishments?

Women have overcome many barriers that have existed in the past. Everyday, women are stereotyped. Through our accomplishments, we continue to have to prove ourselves by working harder. Through our accomplishments we will not only prove to others, but to ourselves that we are important to all that goes on in life.

What is a most favorite/least favorite memory as a student?

Transferring from Haskell to KU was a very interesting transition for me. Expectations from teachers were obviously higher and the people were considerably different. My first semester was a grueling experience, but I enjoy a good challenge. Completing my BA at KU will be a proud achievement for me as well as my family.

What is your definition of success?

I think the meaning of success is different for everyone. Personally, I believe success is perseverance, commitment, determination, experience and ultimately achieving the goal you always knew you could accomplish and also the overcoming the obstacles in between!



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